Taranto and Trieste: a common destiny, a changing history

17 February 2012 might be remembered as the day when Taranto history has been made.
A pretrial hearing has been held on February 17 at 12 am at Via Marche Court in Taranto by the g.i.p (pretrial investigation judge) of the Judiciary of Taranto City against the top managers of ILVA Taranto Works, arraigned on a charge of environmental disaster, culpable food poisoning and dangerous stuff jetting.

This hearing has received nationwide attention not only because of great interests involved but also for historical meaning the final judgment may acquire in case of conviction.

In fact, despite denunciations lodged over the years by environmental associations and citizens committees, nothing concrete has ever been done to protect public health, territory and plants workers, due to a clear lack of political will of the local government to deal with pollution problems.
This trial might be a landmark not only for Taranto’s future but also for Trieste’s future (a province in northeastern Italy) which has to deal with severe pollution levels, just like Taranto has to.
On Wednesday morning 15 February, The Legamjonici Committee held a press conference, titling WAITING FOR THE HEARING OF 17 FEBRUARY and discussing mutual pollution problems of Taranto and Trieste. The conference was also attended by Roberto Giurastante, leader and spokesman of AAG (Alpe Adria Green) and Greenaction Transnational environmental associations, mainly operating in Trieste province.

 Debate Topics: Eni, Cementir, Ilva, what happens?; what is the link between Taranto and Trieste?; Waiting for the pretrial: additional key elements and an plea to the Court.

Now, what is the link between Taranto and Trieste? It is a devastating and unpunished pollution and the strenuous fight against it.
Yet there is something that makes the difference between the two cities.

In fact, the judges of Trieste have never turned their attention to denunciations by environmental activists and citizens, but things seem to go differently in Taranto, where judicial authorities initiated proceedings against polluters.

And this is a very significant detail the two cities are focusing in, pouring their hope for redemption into it.

The outcome of proceedings may depend also on people support to the Taranto Judiciary and its investigation and in fact many thousands of people, close to give up hope, let 17 February be the day they took courage and resolved to stand and fight for what is right, sending the clearest message to the local and national government that people will no longer accept pollution crimes and will keep on fighting, defending their health and their future, saying that “enough is enough”.

Traduzione di Anna Rita Spera

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